Understanding Sacred: Interview with Asha Frost

When the elevator door opened, I knew. 

When I met Asha a little over a month ago I knew, with every cell of my being, that I was meeting a soul friend.

She and I, as you will hear in this conversation, don’t shy away from the hard topics like: questioning online personas, Asha’s experiences of racism, how spiritual white women appropriate indigenous culture. 

One of the things that connects us is our ability to be real and compassionate with our conversations.

In this exclusive interview, she and I discuss what it’s like to trust the darkness, be a mother with a business, honoring native culture, and much more.

Highlights include:

  • Why it’s problematic to give all your power to a healer

  • How to connect + healing work in the virtual world

  • What surprising thing happens when you turn off and rest

  • Asha’s path to step into her role as an indigenous medicine woman

  • Whether to use native spiritual practices when you’re a non-native

  • The nitty gritty of Asha’s membership program, Sacred


Watch the interview now ( 35 minutes ).

Or download the audio here to listen on the go. 


Become a member of program Sacred, an online spiritual learning community lead by Asha Frost, here.
Doors close Dec. 31, 2018.

Anyone who joins Sacred through the link here will receive special gifts in Jan. 2019 from me. I’m a proud supporter of Sacred and my friend, Asha. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation and tell me, what does the word sacred mean to you?

Understanding Sacred: Interview with Asha Frost

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