Dear beloved, I am writing to you about balance today.

This one word is loaded. It’s somewhat of a dirty word for our fast pace life right now.


It’s a word that we strive to achieve in our life, but can feel guilty when we don’t have it.

For this blog, I identify balance as a force that seeks us to remain in our purpose.

Balance creates meaning in direct proportion to our creative dreams.

Simply put, the more you risk giving birth to your creative dreams, the more balance swoops in to remind you that you are living in your purpose. Balance seeks you as much as you seek it.

Last week, I gave birth to a creative dream of mine. All Summer long, I worked around the deadline of my artist talk and exhibit that occurred on August 27th. I joyfully planned my talk, practiced it, and made sure it was personal yet hit home to those who attended the night. I also created 13 new pieces of art to display.

In the last 2 weeks before the exhibit, I hunkered down, and hardly left my studio. I was not only planning for the event, but also working with an unusually busy load of clients and commissioned work. I was grateful in my heart and, at the same time, straight up busy. 

This week, as I lounge around a lot and re-structure my next few weeks, I realize how much balance showed it’s face lately:

1. Gratitude practice
As I felt busy with my professional and personal life, gratitude kept me in balance. It’s truly a privilege to live this great life. Yes, it’s packed. But it’s packed with the stuff of my choosing, the stuff of my heart’s path.

As vulnerable as putting yourself out there feels, the results and rewards of living in your life’s purpose are infinite. Do it. Risk it. Be grateful you get the chance to possibly fail and succeed, all at once.

2. Throwing creations away
Some of my visual creations got thrown out because they threw my balance off. As I was working on a few paintings, I really wanted them to look or feel a certain way. When the creations didn’t feel good, I knew it was time to let them go.

It’s okay to throw away your art sometimes. It’s okay to not be in love with everything you create. Non-attachment is a tenant in many spiritual practices for a reason. It clears your soul to let in the new ideas and creations. Let the stuff, things, people, and ideas that no longer serve you…go.

3. Getting thrown on and off the wheel named balance
I stayed happy with my whirlwind of a creative life because I learned my rhythms and cycles of work. When I needed to rest, nap, or go in the woods, I allowed it for myself. I ate what I wanted, and when maybe that huge Mexican dinner didn’t fuel me in the right ways, I let myself learn and soak in that off balance feeling, because…

You can’t know balance without knowing what being off balance is like.

This is a practice I give those I mentor: notice when you feel off balance. That’s all. Be happy you can recognize what it feels like when you ate one too many enchiladas, because that off balance is giving you a clear definition of what balance is for you.

4. You can’t ever know what is going to happen, but you can know the flow
In giving birth to my creative dream, I trusted the parts I could not see. I planned really intensely all the aspects of my event: the theme and palette of my art, the display, the debut of my coloring print, my 20 minute talk I memorized…I planned like the planner I am.

Then, the day arrived and I had to let all my plans go. I had to be in the flow of the moment. And when the time for me to speak in front of all those who came to see me, everything fell into place. Yes, I messed up. And in the same breath, Yes I rocked it.

As I let the muse of balanced creativity infuse me in the moment. In allowing and surrendering to that mysterious unknown, I felt it was the most balanced and energizing evening.

Balance. Seeking it is one heavy task.

Living in the pulse of balance is a delightful human quality we exhibit.

How do you exhibit balance in your creative life today?

Seeing you in all your beautiful balance ~

R o s e


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