Shakespeare and the overgrown grass

shakespeare and overgrown grass

A little over a week ago, I debuted new art and gave a short talk on my art + life process. In the days leading up my event, I started to feel vulnerable and wondered if putting myself, my work, and my words out there was truly worth the preparation and the unknown.

When I got to this place of weary reflection, I paused and thought about myself as my own mentorship client. (I do this practice from time to time in order to keep myself connected to what I teach).

I asked myself questions like:
What is it that I want to experience right now?
How can I trust my own inner compass and map through these emotions?
How can creativity help me through this feeling?

These 3 themes rose out of my vulnerability, especially in how I wondered what role creativity plays in getting through the fear of putting myself out there:

1. Creativity keeps you writing your script

When you get stuck in a negative cycle of thought it can feel so challenging to be free from it’s grip on your life. One way is to look at your life as if you were a great playwright. The play you are writing is your life’s story. Seriously, channel your inner Shakespeare to pause and imagine that you are a playwright for a moment. How would you script what happens in your every day life? How would you (the main character) learn from the struggles of life to take your heroic path? What’s the great outcome from your journey? You can literally write this out in your journal, if you desire.

Feverishly write or imagine your life’s script by candle light and shift your negative thought cycle. Own your creative abilities to guide your life to how you want to see it. 

2. Creativity helps you to find the path under all the overgrown grass

I go trail walking often and, at this high summer time, the path gets lost underneath the tall grasses. Yet, I always trust that the path is there: because I’ve walked the path before, and because I can feel it’s groove in the earth under the overgrowth.

Creativity brings you back to where you trust the metaphorical path of your life. The creative path invites you to go slowly, listen, observe, and trust that it’s guiding you even when you can’t see what is next.

Let go of knowing where the path leads or even is, and live from a place of trusting your intuition and inner voice. 

3. Creativity leaves you in wonder

Even in the most mundane tasks, if you can create a scenario inside you that finds splendor you won’t stray from the present moment. For instance, when you are washing the dishes take a moment to think of how incredible it is that the water is there when you turn the knob. Or, think of the chemical amazement that is the soap you use to lather your dishes. Or, bless your body and belly for the nourishing meal you just ate that was served on those plates you are washing.

Be in wonder of your life, and create moments of sheer delight from your sense of being and belonging right where you are.

Being excited about the details of your life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Overall, my opening night that had caused my burst of fear was a great success; filled with community, connection, and creative inspiration. It was a night where I choose to view my life as creative and full of blessings, and so it was…

May you always see creativity as a choice. In that choice, may you take the path not the highway. And on that path, may you always be lead to the most beautiful destination: you. 

Embracing creativity as the link between Shakespeare and the overgrown grass…
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Shakespeare and the overgrown grass

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