Choreographing Time for Yourself

dancing_danielabide2_webIt’s time to choreograph some breaks into your day.


Take this advice from a dancer.

Choreographing breaks into a routine really stalls burning out.

Ever watched a dancer’s body and spirit burn out from too much effort?

Not very fun.

A master of Choreography creates his dance routine to look like the easiest thing ever to an observer.

But that master actively works on making the Art form of dance look that way by placing breaks into the rigorous routine to save the dancer from a disaster.

So, what does all this dancing stuff mean for you — and your busy life?

Burn out can manifest in many forms in our physical and mental bodies. It can affect you in small ways, such as minor body fatigue or a slight headache. But the worst is that full out stress induced blow out–be it a big fight with your beloved or becoming ill or…you name it! You know your own patterns that develop around way too much exertion.

It’s essential that, while being successful and forward moving with your vision, that you take time to honor your Creative Spirit with moments that are restful, joyous, and pleasing.

Here are examples of ways to choreograph breaks in your day:
Find 30 minutes a day for yourself. Every day. (After I finish my emails in the morning I will take a walk around my block twice. Or, I will journal/sketch for 30 minutes as I drink my morning coffee.)

Set boundaries that help you define a finishing point in your day. (Dear Client, I will not answer email after 6pm. Or, Dear Self, once this page is finished I will turn off my computer for the day.)

During a chaotic day, make sure to do something simply pleasing. (Buy yourself a fun magazine to read at your lunch hour. Or, if the only time you have to yourself is your drive in the car, get your favorite music ready beforehand and listen!)

Remember, graceful choreography is all about stretching your limits while carefully placing breaks for rest and recuperation.

Burning out is not good for the curtain call, ya’ll.

Choreograph breaks into your rigorous routine and your life performance will enhance greatly.

From one dancing Creative Spirit to another,


Choreographing Time for Yourself

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