A Lesson in It’s Beautiful

My husband (then boyfriend), Jason, pointed out to me after one of our afternoon visits with my Nonno over espresso a few years ago, how my grandfather claimed: It’s Beautiful.

See, my Grandfather continued the trade lineage of our family and was a shoemaker his whole life. He used his hands, mind, and creative abilities to take on the family business when my family moved to America from Sicily in the 1920s.

As a retired shoemaker, he took on making stained glass pieces. These pieces adorned his home and the homes of all his children, grandchildren and even the local bankers.

At one point, he was showing Jason and I a new piece he had created, and he simply said:

It’s Beautiful

And it really was. And leave it to my then 95 year old grandfather to remind me that:

My Paternal Grandparents, in their shop, circa 1960s

My Paternal Grandparents, in their shop, circa 1960s

1. Beauty is in everything.
2. It’s a good thing to notice that what you create is beautiful.
3. Share your vision of beauty with others.

Today, I am remembering my grandfather because a little over a year ago he passed away. He has been coming into my dreams and my husband’s dreams lately.

His spirit forever lives inside me, and his lessons unfold daily. I am forever grateful to him and my other ancestors that really have put the idea into my genetics that anything is possible.


What will you achieve in your beauty seeking day today?

A Lesson in It’s Beautiful

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2 thoughts on “A Lesson in It’s Beautiful

  1. Ugh. Beauty huh? The time is where seeking beauty seems like a waste and a luxury and possibly a burden. Placed in priorities slightly below cleaning and slightly above getting blood drawn. I am reluctant to open my heart and with it my eyes to notice beauty, to receive blessing and heaven forfend to create!
    So today my achievement in beauty seeking goals are as follows:
    1- notice beauty in at least 1 person at work. I’m talkin’ inner beauty, being open enough to see kindness etc.
    2-spend 15 minutes creating the beauty of cleanliness somewhere in my home.
    3-put lights on our Christmas tree.
    There we go. That’s what I’ve got.
    Thanks for the prodding, I reckon.
    ( I’m not gonna count the beauty I find in this blog and it’s creator as my noticing for today. That’s too easy. )

    1. Jade- I absolutely adore your practices. Brava, dear one!

      I think your intented practices speak to the present moment and at what is right in front of you as beautiful.

      One thing that I really think is valuable is making space clean/clear and beautiful. Create something special to look at with what you own and have. You have so got that!!!

      In all these moments, of beauty seeking, creative living–there isn’t a guarantee that it will be easy. But there is the guarantee that it will be there if you seek it. Please, please, seek it!!!

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