Creating a Tea Tradition

3 steps to creating the best tea tradition in your life

I believe in traditions and rituals. I think having and knowing your tradition keeps you tied to your lineage, your life feels more meaningful, and you can have these traditions to pass on to next generations.

There are many traditions that I hold so dear to my heart from my lineage of Sicilian and Italian customs.

And what I have done is learned to incorporate these lineage traditions into my life today. I make it work for myself, for my husband and I, for my family.

What do you do, in this fast paced world, to create a new tradition that you can share with your family and friends?

You start a tradition. You make your own. You create a tea tradition.

To enjoy tea every day is a ritual in itself:

Some rituals include sipping on tea while you have a curling iron in your hand.

Some rituals include sitting down to enjoy your tea before anything else happens in the day.

Whatever your ritual is, here are some suggestions to make your tea tradition one that will be remembered through the generations.

tea time clock1. Set a time

Have a time every day where you drink tea. Take the time to not do anything else (no phone or email!) but enjoy your tea. Make the time sacred, filled with the knowing that this is your time, to be and create and dream.

2. Have your special tea set

One of the greatest parts of establishing a tradition is to have a unique cup or tea pot that is part of the ritual. This heirloom piece can be passed down through the generations, holding a memory of all the tea times found around it. Vintage or new, a special tea set will set the tone.tea tradition

3. Theme your conversation

Make tea time a special time for your conversation with loved ones. Talk about your dreams, tell a story about your family. Avoid talking about money, work, or the weather. Theme your conversation to be special and with awareness that you are crafting a new tea tradition.


Enjoy the beginning of your tea tradition. Make yourself feel at home with the comfort that you have your tea time, and you are beginning a new tradition for the generations that follow you will enjoy.


To your tradition,






One way to ensure that the next generation keeps your tea tradition alive is to have an heirloom gift you can pass along. Allow for me to create a custom teapot that will be timelessly treasured throughout the years to come. Click here to order yours today. 

Creating a Tea Tradition

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