Finding Balance in Work and Life

balance of work and life

My work and life balance tips and so much more…

I’ll be honest.

I haven’t felt myself in the past couple of months.

I had no idea in the world that I was a worker girl. Meaning, I thought I had a big sense of myself outside of my work, my paycheck, that someone needing me to complete a task.

But, it seems the opposite is the case. I almost entirely identified myself by my work and paycheck.

I was concealing myself so deeply under this work identity that when I made the shift from working under someone to going into my solo business, I was straight up lost.

Today, a fog feels lifted. With one of my mentoring clients, I am working on the topic of balance, and it’s really ringing true to me in my life. So I want to offer my own take on work life balance tips to implement NOW, so that when you either 1. stop working (like retire or decide to take an extended time off) 2. get fired  or 3. change careers you may have some guidance on not losing yourself.

This is what I want for you to have: a free, creative, and balanced life.

Here are 5 things that bring truth to me on how to balance work and life so that one doesn’t totally get shoved away for years, or for your whole life.

Remember: you only have this one life. Let this remembrance bring you joy, not fear. 

1. Free your mind: Take time every day to pray, meditate, or stop thinking about your work. I used to work a really stressful job as a counselor in a college setting. I can’t count the number of times that I walked straight out of my office to get fresh air and free my mind from the stress and pressure. It helped me get step away and see the bigger picture.Take time to free your mind before, during, and after the work day finishes.

2. Have a routine schedule: I know it is super tempting to sleep in late on the weekends. And it is really dull to plan meals, schedule dates, etc. But it helps so much within the structure of your work day. Try to wake at the same time every day. Plan the days that you eat out a week. This way, in living with routine, you will really know how much free time you have to watch the tube or to be spontaneous. You’ll be amazed at how much free time you can carve out for yourself with a bit of planning.

3. Prioritize your life: YOU are your most important work. YOU needs you to be healthy, happy, and spiritually rich. Prioritize yourself and your needs every day. No one else will ever prioritize yourself the way that you can & do. Make sure to ask for what you need, and treat yourself with dignity and respect. People will know how you want to be treated by your example.

4. Love unconditionally: Sometimes, the work place can take all your energy ~ and your home life gets the worst of yourself. If you practice loving unconditionally throughout your day, you will have pleasant experiences with your co-workers and team. You will have more energy for your beloveds and at home. You will forgive yourself for your mistakes and human-ness with more ease. Say a prayer or ask for guidance to get yourself through the hard moments. Ask to be taught about loving unconditionally.

5. Check your gut: If you feel totally out of balance, even while away from your work, check your intuition. Listen deeply to what your body and spirit are saying to you. You possibly could be in the wrong career or work work environment if you feel totally out of synch. Check in with yourself daily and ask “what do I need right now”. If you need a different setting, start to look for it. Immediately. Today is the day.

Finding balance of work and lifeAs I finish the post, I am reminded so deeply that this work, the cultivation of deep self-respect and balance, is hard. It’s messy. You will not know yourself during the process. But in the end, you will feel more alive and well. The path is a bit unknown, but it the process is so worth the reward of balance.

As my dear friends reminded me recently as I shared my own growing pains: If there is no mud, there is no Lotus.

To your balance in work and life and love,








I want to help you feel balanced in your work and life. Check out my creativity coaching program if you at all feel stuck at finding time and balance in your life. You deserve every bit of balance that you desire in your life. Click this link to sign up for your free call today.

Finding Balance in Work and Life

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