Creativity is the language of your soul

I’ve devoted so much of my life to creating.

I bet you have too:

Creating memories
Creating meals
Creating an idea
Creating a family
Creating a mindful moment
Creating a new path
Creating a conversation
Creating a piece of art
Creating a relationship
Creating a tidy space
Creating a dream job
Creating a space for yourself in this world

The other night, my husband and I were talking about who I would be if we lived in a village and the village counted on one person for one thing (like one village butcher, one village midwife…etc.). Why would people come to me, and what would they call me?

Though I struggled a little bit with my answer, I came to this:

I’m a translator.

I take your dreams, thoughts, visions, worries, words, and unknowns and translate them to understand their meaning in your life. 

I make art from the elements of life and I want to do that with you, too.

Which brings to me why I’m coming to your inbox today.

Through word of mouth and my email 2 weeks ago, my mentoring and making program is almost full for Fall semester. Wow, love, I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting this is.

Check out the details of my making and mentoring sessions here.

Tell me — do you need help translating what is like a foreign language of feelings or emotions to you right now?

Also – I have my translators too — we all need help and guidance, especially us teachers.

Embracing you –
R o s e 

In case you missed that – I want to make art with you. Early bird pricing for the Fall 2019 session ends on August 15th and there are only 2 spots left. Join here if creating is calling to your heart today.

Creativity is the language of your soul

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