How good is it to stir things up?

I love a good cooking analogy, don’t you?

When cooking a sauce or soup you stir the ingredients so the flavors are distributed throughout the pot, right?

But if you stir the entire cook time you won’t really have that delicious simmered soup taste. In the end, delicious flavor and taste is all about balance.

Do you think our life is like that sometimes? Perhaps we stir things up in order to distribute our wisdom from one area (like business) to another (like parenting)? 

Or sometimes we need to simmer in order to emerge when the time is right?

This analogy feels right for me because:
1) I love to cook
2) Food is so relatable

I think that we often need teachers to help us stir the pot of our brains, spirit, and soul. 

I remember in college I had a professor who, when I learned with her, stirred my entire world. 

How did she do so? Besides being a complete devotee to art history and her areas of expertise, she listened.

When you’re listened to, you’re uniqueness and individuality is seen.

Studies show the way we talk is unique to our person, like our fingerprint. The way our iris and cornea in our eyes are constructed is unlike any other person.

You’re unique beyond measure, literally. And so is the way you show up and serve the world — so is that pot of soup that creates the contents of your soul. 

I’ve got a new opportunity for any of you who consider yourself a healer, a visionary, a leader, a teacher, or a coach. I’m merging my mentoring work with an experiential + guided art making for unique (like you) and one of a kind sessions. 

Yes, you read that right. I’m going to teach you how to use and make art with your clients. But first, we’re going to do it together.

If you want to know more, please contact me here.Seriously, I’ll write you back and we will get talking. The first round of students that do this with me, starting in September, receive a special rate.

What or who has been stirring your metaphorical soul sauce? Or, do you need a new teaching or two to help mix things up?

Let me know. I’m here for you.

Embracing you –
R o s e 

How good is it to stir things up?

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