Dancing in the threshold

rose candela

To be seen, right now, feels vulnerable.

I’m dancing slowly through the threshold that is maiden to mother.

The past 2 years have been the holiest of transitions. It’s been the stripping away of the layers that have kept me from knowing myself.

It’s been everything.

To be seen, right now, is right.

My vision for my purpose is clear: remind myself and my loves that you’re meant to live a path, not a highway.

To be seen, right now, is a gift. I never take it for granted that God puts certain people in my life and warm days in the bleakest of winter to remind:

You belong.

I had some portraits taken recently by Emily Nichols – a wise, talented, and peaceful soul. 

As I waited to see the images, I was a bit nervous about what I’d see from the final products.

The hair that I lost after a traumatic birth is coming in gray and wild, my body is softer than it used to be, and often pushing myself past my energy – something I think is easily seen on my face at times.

What I saw in these images was nothing but this:


rose candela

We are are always changing, and life isn’t guaranteed.

Why be nervous about seeing who you are, through the eyes of someone else?

Why not embrace what is? Why is that so tough to do?

Why is accepting the life we have in this very moment such a challenge?

All I can say is this: I’m working on it.

I’m constantly dancing in the threshold of now and the future, or now and the past.

The work I do is to remind you that you are not alone.

Though your path is as unique as your DNA, what you feel and experience is connected by the very blood that makes us human. 

As Carl Rogers says:

What is the most personal is the most universal.

rose candela

Thank you, Emily Nichols, for these portraits. The purpose for the photos keeps unfolding further and greater past my original hopes. 

These photos tell a moment that tell a renewal, rebirth, and rebuilding of my soul.

I’m delighted to share them with you, dear reader.

Thank you for witnessing.


rose candela

Dancing in the threshold

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