The anatomy of your answers

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I love a good question.

All of my favorite learning surrounds big questions of humanity: why do we make art? Why do we want to connect to to one another? And the biggest one of all, why are we here?

There’s this thing, though, that happens when asking a question that isn’t so fun.

Waiting for the answer can be agonizing.

In an answer driven world, we don’t have time to wait for the answers. Am I right?

And, that’s often a great thing like…when you’re wondering how many cups are in a liter.

Yet, there’s no way to google the answers to your biggest inner questions.

what is my life’s purpose?

should I say yes to being married to __________?

when is the right time to become a parent?

When we ask a question of our spirit as soul, it’s a moment where our highest guidance is being called upon.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t have the answer right away.

Sometimes your guidance will take her time to answer you.

Actually, each answer has it’s own unique way to come into your life – what I like to call the anatomy of your answer.

These 4 aspects are the framework of what I teach in my Soul Cycle sessions.

Phase 1:


Your question is asked, and you are waiting for your answer to be clear. You know that your inner voice will speak up when the answer is found.

For example, perhaps you’re wanting to channel your creativity again after a long time without an outlet, but you don’t know where to begin.

The tough part, or shadow side, of seeking: you get anxious that the answer isn’t immediate. You end up listening to the advice of others over your inner voice

Ways to get through this time:

Honor your question. Write it down and leave it under a window so the sun and the moon can look upon it. Practice patience in waiting in other areas of your life – for the water to boil, for the grocery line to move, for the light to turn green. 

Phase 2:


After your waiting, an answer arrives. Is it the right answer? Now is the time to put this answer into practice.

Perhaps you were wondering whether you should learn to paint again after decades away from painting, and you listened to your answer that said yes. Practicing is the stage where you are learning, testing, and observing. You embrace this time as fun and feel motivated.

A shadow aspect of this is that you may feel sluggish or confused.

Ways to get through this time:

Remember, doubt isn’t your enemy. Doubt can inform you that you may need to shift your direction. 

Phase 3:


This is where you live the answer you received. You accept what is with complete abandon, and that abandon comes easily.

Like, you are learning to paint with new materials and mediums and you dream about your next painting. The muse is running through your veins and pulsing in every aspect of your day. 

The big picture is easy to feel integrated into your answer.

Shadowy side is that you may feel burnt out, or begin to white lie to yourself about the amount you can do and experience.

Ways to get through this time:

Ask for help, get a coach, or return to some seeking practices (phase 1) if you feel overwhelmed. Find ways to receive rather than give all day every day. Smile at yourself in the mirror. Take care of your body first, before taking care of others. 

Phase 4:


Now you’re in a phase where you learned and lived your answer. For example, the class you’ve been taking has finished. Maybe it went great, maybe it didn’t. Now it’s time to evaluate and release what you know in order to transform it’s message to others. This is the time to look back and learn and give yourself some credit for what you’ve experienced.

Shadowy parts of this time can include feeling like things didn’t turn out how you wanted, and feeling regretful.

Ways to get through this time:

Write, write, write. Even if you don’t like to journal, write one line a day of what you’re observing that is coming up. Become a scientist of your life. Play with water and observe how it flows in and out of your hands. 

Your answers have their own rhythm – made for your unique anatomy and spirit.

Sometimes that rhythm can be full of life and energy, or regret and confusion. 

Whatever you are experiencing, there’s nothing wrong with you.

No matter what, I hope you trust to embrace the gifts and shadows of this time as greatly as you can. 


R o s e


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The anatomy of your answers

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