Do you rent or own your creativity?

Today, I want to take you on an analogy journey so you may relate in a new way to your creativity.

All of my adult life, I’ve been an apartment and house renter. I have thankfully had amazing landlords that help me to feel like my home is always taken care of when issues arise—like the heating system going bust, or the fence needing to be repaired.

Yet, there are times where I pine after the feeling of owning the place I call home, so that I know it’s mine, and can add and subtract whatever I want to the walls of the home.

I believe there’s something inherent in us all that wants to own the place we dwell.

In figurative terms, I believe we often either rent or own our home of creativity.

If you are a renter, you wait for someone else to fix what you feel is broken. Perhaps you give up on being creative without ever trying to research or find your options to ownership.

If you are an owner, you possess a your place. You know that your creativity is yours, and it’s your place to be yourself. You play, you take risks, and you invest in your walls because you have permission to do so.

You respect a place differently when you own it.


What I want for you, dear one, is to always feel that you own your creativity. Don’t worry, there is no lengthy signing of contract process to your creativity ownership.

To own your creativity: 

All you need to do is be aware, mindful, and present in your life.

All you need is to know that you, by being here, possess all the creativity you seek.

All you need is the willingness to start noticing that creativity lives in you, and to love that part of your being.

My job is to help you dust away the corners of your creativity home that may have been forgotten over time. There is no need to do anything dramatic to access your creativity–like quit your job or start a new lifestyle.

I hope today, and always, that you own the uniqueness that is you, that is your creativity. When you own your personal creativity, you live more presently and purposefully in your life, and who doesn’t want that?

If you live in Asheville, and want to dive deeper into this idea of owning your creativity, join my women’s discussion group. We first meet on April 19th. Information and details are in this link. 

Do you rent or own your creativity?

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