Feminine Energy and the Creative Journey

Mystery, letting go, wild, surrender, acceptance. These are the words that run through my blog lately.

Why do I write so much about this on this website, a website devoted to you accessing your creative powers?

Because, I believe deeply in the feminine mystery. All my paths of life have lead me here, from my heritage of being descendant from midwives to being a maker in my home.

I am a doula because I believe in the feminine energy.

I am married to a strong, independent man because I believe in the feminine energy.

I want you to live a tremendously creative life because I believe in the feminine energy.

And what is inherent in the feminine energy is the wild, dark unknown.

Here is an example: as we descend into the darker times of this calendar year (in the northern hemisphere) we experience a completion of the cycle of birth:death. We see death in all of nature right now, with the promise of birth again. Death and it’s wild unknown is one of the most natural processes of life. Why are we so afraid of this happening in ourselves or in those we love the most?

Lesson: What is given to us in life is unknown, yet there is one known for us all, that our cycle of life will end, and then continue again.


I believe this extremely natural process, death, frightens us all, but it is in us all–much like our own feminine energy. Whether we are male or female, we have the qualities of surrender, unknown, and mystery inside our very precious beings. More times than not, we don’t quite know how to access these aspects of ourselves.

My take is that the creative journey, your creative journey of life, is fueled by feminine energy. Getting comfortable with all the aspects of the feminine really requires us to experience the unknown as we know it.

My number one way to get comfortable with something is to surrender to the idea through prayer.

Here is a prayer to help you through as you access more of the darkness, more of the feminine in your life. I hope this serves you to the fullest, during this season and all:

Oh Divine Love, help me to see the steps that are before me in my path. Make me aware that the moments of uncertainty are wrapped in you. Guide me to see that these uncertain moments are divine in their very essence. Let me see the wild, free, and uncertain times are liberation for my soul.  Let me bask in the light, the light that always is there at the day break. Change me into someone who can receive more freely and openly, with all my womanly grace and power. I surrender.

Now you take action: find where you can see feminine energy in your creative endeavors? Seek comfort in the darkness, knowing that there is always the promise of light.


Feminine Energy and the Creative Journey

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