Expectation vs. Intention: How do you create your every moment?

Every season seems to represent a lesson in learning about ourselves, don’t you think?

For me, this season of Autumn is about letting go. I see this letting go lesson in nature, with each leaf that swooshes to the ground to nourish the forest’s floor. Most of all, I see letting go and and the patience it brings in myself when I release the expectation I put on myself; either the expectation of accomplished tasks or certain outcomes to situations.

Believe me, this approach to feeling and doing the letting go is better said than done.

Most of all, I find that I am more compassionate and open, with myself and others, when I let go of expectations. My husband Jason and I often talk about approaching a situation or person with an intention rather than an expectation. Take a look at these two very different definitions of the words intention and expectation:

From first glance, these words hold quite a difference in meaning, right?

To me, intention is the reminder that we are in control of nothing except ourselves and our reaction to life- so it’s good to aim for an emotional state of stability inside yourself.

Intention is all about internal wellness (that which you can control)

Expectation is the wish for a future outcome, and often times relies on something or someone else to be a certain way for our emotional state of stability. Many times, expectation holds a lot of hardship and feelings of failure when that something or someone doesn’t work out how we wanted.

Expectation is all about external wellness (that which you can’t control but somehow think you can)

I invite you to ask yourself what scenarios you see created around you when you hold tight to an intention vs. expectation of the outcome?

My wish for you right at this very moment is to access the place in you where you feel ok with letting go, living from this present moment, and aiming for your truest feelings desires in all you do.

To you precious aim for the future,
rose candela moore

Expectation vs. Intention: How do you create your every moment?

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