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Hi creative one,

Do you ever wonder what sets your art apart from others?

Style. It’s your signature, it’s you, it’s what makes people say: this looks like {insert your name}’s work.

In this episode of my studio diaries, I share with you 3 ways you can develop your style.

In this 9 minute video, I cover:

  1. How to decide what you like and why that’s important
  2. What 3 steps you can take immediately to help you find your style
  3. One secret that will help you take ownership of your style, forever

If you’ve wonder what makes your work unique, knowing everything has already been done before, I made this for you!

Here are some helpful links for inspiration:

An article about what abstract expressionism is, written by my mentor Dr. Virginia Spivey.

An example of an artist, Frida Kahlo, whose style evolved over time (make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to check out her sketchbooks!)

My pinterest board, which is a great online space to search images and more images for inspiration.

Once you finish watching the video, tell me: what’s one way you’d describe your style, today?

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As always, I appreciate you with all that I am.

R o s e

rose candela
Find your style

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