Your perspective is your truth

As I sit here, I’m waiting like you’re waiting.

Waiting to know what’s election results in the US, but also waiting for almost everything. 

I’m also choosing to see what I want to see. Today, that means removing myself from the news cycle as much as possible.

In art, perspective is choosing an angle by which your viewer will understand what you’ve rendered.

Like in a painting of a flower bouquet. The artist may choose a perspective so it’s as if you’re sitting at the table with the flowers in front of you. Or, she may choose a perspective so it’s as if you’re standing above the flowers, maybe because you put them on the table just seconds ago.

Perspective in art shapes our understanding. Perspective in life molds our truths and beliefs.

As you wait, here are some fill in the blanks for you:

If ____ wins the election, I believe ____ to be true about the USA.

If ____ wins the election, I believe ____ about the people I don’t agree with.

If ____ wins the election, I believe _____ about my power and ability to make a change.

I’ll be exploring these prompts with you. There’s always more than 2 ways to view a situation, so play around with removing binary thinking in our politics, one step at a time.

Your perspective is your truth.

What’s your truth today?

Embracing you, whatever your truth is today or tomorrow.


This blog is part of my public art project, Document your Day.

Document your day is a series that encourages you to document, by words or photograph, your experiences during corona time.

This process is meant to relieve the grief you may be feeling in order to welcome in presence and perhaps, just perhaps, joy.

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Your perspective is your truth

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