Getting to the Core of your Creativity

How do you allow more creativity in your life?

I have been thinking a lot about this question lately.

My professions of Archiving and Art-making are my creative passions. As my business grows, I like to reflect on what keeps me in my center through the process of expanding what I do and offer. I’ve been getting to the core of my creativity, so to speak!

Right now, I am developing an online based program around getting to the core of your creativity. I will offer one on one assistance geared toward creative living. Interested in finding out more about the program? Let me know! I’m excited to share this with you!

Now, I offer a teaser to what I claim are the Core Aspects of a Creativity:


To have clarity about what you are doing is an essential first step. Ask yourself: What motivates you? What do you want your audience to feel and experience through what you are offering? What do you want to gain from your creative task at hand?


Stay consistent with your mission and what you want to accomplish (after you get through the clarity stage!). Being consistent puts a healthy boundary between your goal and what is not your goal at this time. It will help you feel like you have more time for your task throughout the day!


This one is important! It takes a courageous heart to open up to a new creative venture. Being courageous means that you accept the chance that things may become amazing or may fail. But what is important is that you take action because you never know! Being fearless at a time of change can really drive you to make big shifts in your life and career.

In today’s newsletter I highlight my archive work and my artistry. I hope it gives insight to my daily creative work. It keeps me in my core to be able to share it with each of you.

Thank you for your time, and tell me–what gets you to the Core of your Creativity?

Getting to the Core of your Creativity

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