Getting to the Core of your Well-Being

Ohhh I have an insight to share with you about living from a place of well being. First, here is the back story:


I’ve made a few big shifts/choices in my career lately.

Then, I was laid up sick for a few days since everything unfolded.

Correlation? I think YES!

And in the theme of my Getting to the Core of your Creativity series, I want to talk about one of the FUNDAMENTALS of creativity–well-being.

I don’t mean well-being as feeling your best so you don’t get sick with a Spring Fever (literally).

I mean well-being for every day of your life.

Here is the key that I have really learned from it all:

IMG_1366MONO-tasking is QUEEN.

Yes, doing one thing at a time is the best for you, and for everyone!

Really. Practice one thing, one thought, one action at a time.

For me, this practice is no easy street. Even if I’m telling myself I’m just doing one thing at a time, my mind is almost always making another list.

I realize, for lack of a better word, that I am addicted to trying to do many things at once.

I found that while I was sick the practice of doing one thing at a time came easy (because I didn’t have energy for anything else!)…then as I got better it grew harder and harder to accomplish because I had so much to do!!!!

So, I came up with some tips to help myself as I get back to the crazy pace of life:

Allow for the moment to unfold.

When you are in line at the grocery store, and you go to grab your phone…stop yourself. Stay with it, you can do it…stand in line at the grocery store. You never know what you are missing if you try to escape the moment with a distraction. 

Accomplish one thing, and then move onto the next.

Ever feel like you are engaging in something else because your task at hand is really not your favorite? Realize that, give yourself compassion. And then realize that your task will get even shorter if you finish it before you move onto the next. 

Set a timer.

Do one thing for 10 minutes. Set your mind to it–know that the timer will ring and take care of the time thing. You take care of the doing thing. 


Let go of control.

You can’t do everything at once. Sometimes when you take too much on, you become resentful to yourself and to those around you–because you are trying to do something impossible.

Let go of controlling everything–and let yourself maybe even fail sometimes or not be wonder-woman. It’s okay. Knowing your limit is one of the most powerful tools you can cultivate.

Praise your health and well-being.

Give thanks to your body for being able to accomplish what it does every single day, day in and out. Sometimes we aren’t that nice to ourselves–and WHY in the world not? Isn’t it a freaking miracle to be emboded?

 Being caught up in the addiction of doing everything at once make you unable to connect to your body. For real. I know. So, take time to give yourself some love and praise.

Getting to the core of yourself really means digging into your bigger picture and staying present. These are just a few ideas to get you there. And I admit, while writing this post I stopped to do other things.

I’m my best student right now…knowing that now is the time to make it happen, and maybe in the meantime…find more of my core being while experimenting with the present moment!


Getting to the Core of your Well-Being

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