Have you heard the news?

I went after a dream of mine, one that has been seeded for about 15 years. I applied and was accepted into an accredited Master of Library Science program, and I’m over the moon thrilled. 

I had been intimidated by a few things about returning to graduate school for a while, but finally things just clicked. Living through the horrors of a pandemic has given me the chance (yet again) to see how precious life truly is, and to keep growing as a person towards my dreams.

Just this morning I was reading a textbook for my foundations class and started to cry as I was telling my husband about how excited I am. Tears of joy are always a good sign you’re on the right path!

Whether you’re a new subscriber here, or if you’ve been with me since the beginning of my business in 2010, you know I love a good evolution of the spirit.

As I take on my studies, continue to parent, and make art in the fleeting moments of my day I’ll probably be a little less here, online. 

To be honest, I’m not sure what the evolution of my online business will look like. I for see that my in person offerings will pause, and my posts will slow down.

As of now, my creativity online course is on a super sale, I’ve written close to 300 blogs on creativity and navigating life authentically, and I’m still sharing glimpses of my studio practices on social media.

I’ve worked with living artist’s archives and information systems for almost a decade, and becoming a librarian feels like the greatest culmination of my interests and my desire to serve my community, with love. 

Thanks for being here today. I hope my new chapter inspires you to take a courageous next step towards your dreams, too. 


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What I’m reading next:

Have you heard the news?

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