Are you feeling burned out?

I woke up this morning burnt out. I was mothering my toddler last night throughout the night. Today feels foggy and very sluggish. I had a big ol’ list to tackle today, but instead I’m going to nap while my son naps.

What do you do when you feel burnt out from life circumstances, and your to-do list waits for you?

How do you produce when you have nothing left to offer?

First, and always check in with yourself. Ask:

  • What really needs my attention today? 
  • What can wait until later? 
  • How can I let myself off the hook and/or get help with what needs to be done?

The cure for creative burnout is not a formula you can slap on and then get creative.

It’s about re-prioritizing your needs above the needs of others.

This isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. Slowly, and with practice, over time you’ll see that a lot of what burns you out is the mental load you carry.

Time to lay your burdens down and take care of yourself.

Like the moon, this too is a phase. Embrace your life for what it is, flawed, tired, and so gloriously temporary.

What’s one way you can receive today, rather than give?

rose candela

Are you feeling burned out?

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