The surprising end to being lost

Not all those who wander are lost
– J.R.R Tolkien


I’ve been reading fairy tales again. Thanks to motherhood for bringing those back to my life.

One of the things I’ve noticed about fairy tales is that, usually, the main character finds themselves lost. And then he/she experiences magic, in some form, while lost.

I recently took my weekly jog in the woods alone. This is a new thing for me, for a very long time of my adult life I wouldn’t go into the woods alone. Luckily, I’ve gotten past some fear about that, and live in a very safe neighborhood with trails practically in my backyard.

As I was out in the woods, I remembered the first time my husband, son and I went out here. We got a little lost. I got nervous, because it was January, 430 pm, the sun was setting. My mama survivor mode kicked in.

I recall, though, seeing the sun set through the trees and noticed the serenity of the moment. My husband gently reassured me he remembered where we were. My son babbled and oohed and awwed.

Then, we found our path back home. My memory of that moment feels ephemeral and filled with light.

Being lost isn’t a destination. Yet, surprisingly, it invites you to use magic to find your way out.

I’ve created an accessible and fun how-to video to inspire you to be an agent of magic in your journaling practice.


art is a form of magic.

I think the use of the word magic is problematic, in some ways. You know…when someone says “life is magical” and you’re going through a divorce, have bills unpaid, or can’t wrap your head around how you’re going to do the next thing.

Life, for the most part, is not magical.

The exception is in the moments, like when you’re creating, you change the form of what’s in front of you.


the art of producing illusion by hand

Magic isn’t grand, the clearing that comes as a result is glorious.

And that, my love, is pure magic.

I’ve created a community that invites you, lost or not, to cultivate a creative practice. And we get to know each other more. For as little as $1 a month, you join in. Check out what I’m up to here.

Tell me – have you ever been lost and, in hindsight, realized it was the best thing to happen to you?

Sometimes, being without a destination is delicious. 

Embracing you.

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The surprising end to being lost

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