How to easily paint on a blank canvas

blank canvas…and what if that blank canvas was your life? 

When I was in Art school, I heard an instruction that changed my life and my practice.

The instruction: when you feel intimidated by a blank canvas, just make a mark.

I use this principal to this day in my art making.

But I am now transforming this message to better serve you.

I’d like to invite you to take a moment and think of making a broad brush-stroke on a blank canvas.

Imagine that blank canvas is your life. You can create whatever you want to see, feel and experience in your every day life.

Think of the brush stroke as an overall goal or feeling that you want to accomplish. Stop, for a moment, trying to figure out  how it’s going to happen. Just stick with the feeling of your overall accomplished goal.

For instance: I want to thrive. 

You see, when an artist makes a broad brush-stroke on the canvas, she isn’t thinking about the details yet. She is thinking of the overall essence, the background, the support, the texture of the canvas.

Now you can do the same on the blank canvas of your life–all you have to do is think of the FEELING you want to experience in your life.

Stop worrying or over analyzing the details.

Seriously, the details come at a later date.

Start here-now. Stick with the feeling of your goal. Focus there and make it your foundation.

For instance: I want to thrive: Imagine you thriving, feeling the essence of a thriving life. What does the feel like to wake up thriving every single day?

Stay there. Step back from the canvas after that first step is complete.

Your masterpiece of a life depends on this first crucial step.

(Just think of the broad stroke on your canvas as your big overall UMPH. Know the details of how-why-when will arrive at a later date.)

Recognize you can control the first impression on the canvas of your life.


See how you can easily paint on a blank canvas?

It’s as easy at you–you fearless creator of your life experience.

Go on now–transform the canvas of your life. One big, bold, broad brush-stroke at a time!

How to easily paint on a blank canvas

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