A Tea Lifestyle

A.K.A how tea has changed my entire world in 4 big moments

I write to proclaim: tea has changed my life.

I like to call what I live now, a tea lifestyle.

How can a sweet little Camellia Sinesis plant change my lifestyle, you ask?

I was able to quit drinking coffee after 13 years of coffee.every.single.day.


Don’t get me wrong: I still love coffee every once and a while. But before I stopped my coffee habit, I was drinking WAY too much.

I was able to stop drinking coffee first thing in the morning. That was a huge step. I replaced that coffee ritual with black tea, a tea that I love-Jin Zhen.

I felt like once I got over that hurdle, I could really change any lifestyle habit that I wanted to shift-that was an empowering feeling that shifted my life.

Now, coffee is such a treat to experience–all thanks to the tea lifestyle!

I got married in tea (I used tea to dye my wedding dress)




To me, this is the ultimate tea lifestyle moment. I used a beloved tea to dye my wedding dress!

I had my wedding dress hand made, by the talented Artist Brooke Priddy. As we were talking and dreaming up the dress, I decided I wanted a dress that was off gentle off white color. Brooke suggested a method she uses often- dying with tea.

I took it one step further to request and dye the fabric with a tea that I drink every single day in my tea lifestyle: Jin Zhen. I bought this tea for the dress from the best tea shop ever, Dobra Tea.

The tea infused lace results were vibrant, in both hue and spirit.

I started a business around the tea lifestyle


I am an Artist, and by chance and the suggestion of my beloved, I drew on a tea gaiwan to give to a dear fellow tea lifestyle friend before he moved away. After that point, I was hooked on a new way of making beautiful items to share with others.

I absolutely adore painting on ceramics. I took it further and started to paint on tea sets, making pieces for individuals and their dreams.

I just quit my day job to pursue my Art business and teach Creativity 100%.

That’s a tea lifestyle, I’d say.

Tea brings me closer to God


I pray over my tea every morning. I set forth an intention while the alchemical process is taking place. I pray for guidance and nourishment as I sip my tea. The tea lifestyle makes me pause. I can’t slap tea together blindly. The tea lifestyle demands my presence. God is in that presence of the moment.

In my opinion, there is no other way that the tea lifestyle.

Sip on my beloveds-to your health!


A Tea Lifestyle

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