How to keep doing stuff without praise

You know, day in and out, we live in this world of doing stuff.

Work stuff, parenting stuff, marriage stuff, inter-personal stuff, sharing our life on social media stuff.

What do you do when you are sharing your life’s work stuff (like in the entrepreneur realm) and you don’t think anyone is listening?

This week’s vlog is all about how you can stay motivated, even if you (think) you are hearing crickets. 

As someone who has an online business, I wrestle with staying motivated even when I think no one is listening. 

Is it worth it to keep going even when no one is approving me and my content?

Are you stuck on a wheel of criticism or self doubt that seems to only be treading and not gaining traction?

This video blog is for you, dear one who achieves and soars and does all-the-things.

Like I discuss in my past 3 vlogs, I am inspired by the tough stuff in life to be a gift to understanding myself more. 

The hardest parts of life also have the greatest lessons. 

Here’s some of the nitty gritty that this vlog dives into:

Our primal need for acceptance and how it informs our modern day need for approval

A very simple practice you can do anywhere when you are tangled up in a web of seeking acceptance and criticism.

Living in the question: who would I be if _________ didn’t happen? 

Where you can find acceptance when you need it.

How to keep doing stuff + stay motivated without praise.

[Tweet “You are individual, unique, and beautiful. What you put out to the world is really important.”]

Please keep on keeping on. We all need to hear your voice. 

And here’s my last bit of take-away for you:

You never really know who or how you are impacting those around you. 

I believe when you share and bring your truest self forward, you will impact others…no matter what the online stats say. 

I hope you have a beautiful day.

And, if you can’t have a beautiful day today, I hope you accept it and love it for what it is.

R o s e 

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How to keep doing stuff without praise

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