Expectations are a portal to self acceptance

When I was a new mama, I learned a thing or two about expectations surrounding my life as a new mother.

Most importantly, what I learned was that my expectations were exhausting me.

Can you relate?

I believe expectations are the root to getting lost in our life.

Yet…I also believe that expectations can be a great teacher.

Through self reflective practices that I share in this vlog, I have learned that:

Expectations are a portal to self acceptance.

When we take time to listen to what is at the root of those expectations, there is a deeper message waiting to be heard.

This vlog can be for any of you mamas out there, but it also relates to all expectations we have in our life: in relationships, in getting the house we want, or in starting a new job.

I created this 3rd vlog as a follow up to my previous 2. I talked a bit about expectations in those two.

Check those vlogs out here and here.

What do your expectations teach you about you want to see and experience in your life?

Let me know in the comments below!

To your greatest revelations of self acceptance,

R o s e


I gave a shout out to my friend Meghan O’Malley in this video. Here is her website. Check out her fierce love offerings!

Expectations are a portal to self acceptance

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