How to Make the Best out of the Worst

Being human, we are all part of the stuffs of life – love, heartache, careers, searching, success, failure…etc.

And inherent in the stuffs of life are the best and the worst case scenarios.

What if you could simply be free from the worst case scenarios? What if you could be rid of all that aches and ails you in life?

Well, the answer isn’t to get rid of all the issues. Because, the issues, in the big picture, are our teacher.

The stuffs of life teach us by reminding us of what we want, what we don’t want, and how we want to make things better in our life.

So, in the end, freedom is found by experiencing your emotions, not avoiding them. Being rid of what aches and ails you means only to not make them into anything bigger than they already are.

Here are some steps to help you make the best out of the worst in life.  I have cultivated this practice for myself to get through a recent rough patch of my life.

May this serve you to make the best out of the worst, any and every day.

1. Surrender
You know when you are fighting with something, whether it’s external or internal, and it somehow get’s bigger than before the fight? Well, this is where surrendering comes in. Think not of surrendering to what you are struggling with as defeat–think of it as deepening your relationship to ease in your life. Once you surrender, and allow, you will start to give up the common myth of control that we all cling to. Within this surrender, you may also feel freedom from overthinking the situation at hand.

2. Find stability
Ask yourself right now, what is stable in my life? Is it your home, your partner, your morning routine? Perhaps it is none of these…so instead, focus on your breath. This, as an embodied, capable, willing person, is the ultimate stability. What happens when you can’t breath? A whole host of things, but ultimately ~ a loss in life. So, I think you can agree that your breath is a stabilizing force. Find stability there, in the unwavering aspects of nature, and of your inner self. Know that you will be able to make it through this circumstance, and probably for the better.

3. Train your thoughts
What if I told you that you were the most powerful force for the course of your life? I am a deeply spiritual person, so I do believe that we are not alone in the orchestration of the world. But, for the most part, we all exercise free will ~ especially of our thoughts. Why not train your thoughts to be spacious, train your thought to ask “what do I really want from this”, train your thoughts to say be your friend, not your enemy. 

The best thing about all of this, is that this is a practice. This is a practice that may never have any other purpose than serving you to slow down. But like anything great in your life, it builds over time and becomes a habit. And then, when you are in a tough spot in your life, these practices swoop in with angel wings to guide you.

In the past few months, I have been through the biggest financial upheaval in my adult life, and it took an emotional toll on me. During that time, I was mad at people who wrote blogs like this, and I was confused by the saying “leap and the net will appear”, and I was scared. But I kept up my practices of faith and self-inquiry. I started a few new practices to lift me from the daze. Today, I can see clearly, and know that the unknown is my friend.

These steps that are ones that have saved me. May they save you, too, and serve you along your path.


How to Make the Best out of the Worst

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