I’m not creative. What’s wrong with me?

Answer: absolutely nothing, darling. Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

These questions comes up a lot in my work and circle of friends:

If I’m not feeling creative, what’s wrong with me? 

How can I push through creative block?

Why don’t I feel inspired to do anything but rest during my down time?

I used to try to figure it all out. I’m a born researcher, so I made it my work for a few years to help creatives get clear and through creative block.

But now, I realize there’s something missing from all this creativity talk.

If you don’t feel like creating, that’s ok.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t feel like creating. Actually, that’s totally natural and normal if you look at creative impulse like a cycle (which it is).

In light of this, if your life needs aren’t met, then you certainly won’t be creating.

I recall a time in my life where I wasn’t feeling secure in my needs – sleep, food (who was cooking that next meal) and who I was at a fundamental level was rocky. I certainly wasn’t creating or feeling creative. I wrote about it a bit in my last blog here.

What are the fundamental needs of the human soul? I’ll try to list them out here:

Body: shelter, security, food, sleep, health, vitality, movement

Spirit: connection to God, trust in life’s unknowns, realizing you’re part of something bigger

Intellect: engagement of mind in problem solving, feeling stimulated in your mind

Community: sharing life with trusted loved ones, with healthy and necessary boundaries

If any one of these needs are not being met, you won’t be feeling creative. 

Simply put: identify and attend to your needs. 

Everyones needs are different — unique to their dna, history, and current life.

Only you can know what you need to access your creativity.

Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you or sells you that you can be creative only if ________. You know your truth. Sometimes the path to hearing that truth is long and varied, but you know. 

If you desire guidance on identifying your needs, and how-to plan your life around them check out my one-on-one work here. I have 2 spots available for January 2019. Claim yours today. 

What are your needs? How can you do one thing to make sure a need of you is met today?

Embracing you on your creative path –

R o s e

I’m not creative. What’s wrong with me?

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