You are worthy: Winter forecast

There’s something about Winter that scares us. 

Rightfully so — it’s in our cells to protect from the harsh elements of winter. 

Winter tends to be my busiest time as a mentor. My clients tend to come to me with questions of:

Motivation even when wanting to rest

Wanting to be more organized but a bit overwhelmed

Finding worth while working a job that isn’t her creative calling

Winter is a time for evaluation.

What’s working for you, what’s not? For me, I’ve noticed that in 2018 my income mostly came from one-on-one work. It worked. It gave me freedom to do my art, too.

What has given you life, resources, strength lately?


One of my favorite things about the holiday/new year is the collective “reset” button that happens (for those of us in the northern hemisphere). 

Winter is often comparable to the time of the new moon, for menstruating women her bleeding days, and planting seeds. In these times, we are clearer about our truth and our inner wisdom.

You have to trust your senses to lead the way. Turn off the screen and tell yourself: I’m listening. The answers will arrive to you if you are ready for them.

What’s stirring inside of you during this season? Can you name one thing you want for yourself right now? 

Appreciating your history

I have to put this out there – this past year was a doozy in this area. I’ve had to learn to stop beating myself up for my choices — specifically those that set boundaries and often change the dynamic of a relationship. 

But deeper that the history you can see as yours — appreciating your greater history is winter’s song. With the rituals, whether religious or not, we often think of tradition as a theme of this time.

Use the evaluation + clarity lesson to dive in: what traditions bring comfort to you? What parts of your history do you love? What aspects of your history do you hate? What parts of your history do you want to know more about?

Do research on your history. Learn how to unravel any predjuces or bigotry that may be in your lineage. You can’t change the past, but you can make amends and shift your future.


All I want to say here is: sleep. Prioritize it, make it your friend, do what you can to get it.

Before winter set it, I was getting up before my son and my husband and exercising. It was a great ritual to start my day. Now, I don’t want to. It’s barely above freezing when I wake. So, instead of doing the thing I dread I do the think I love: sleep. Note: I exercise mid-day now, when it’s warm enough to not freeze my buns off. 

I tend to have some sleep issues from time to time. I want to offer this one thing that has helped me tremendously: get off your phone at least 2 hours before going to bed. Yup. 

Need help with some technology cleanse? Check out this blog here.

Embrace the sleepiness as much as possible, and that way it won’t disrupt you. Also – take vitamin D supplements.

Embrace water

To repeat, winter is related to the new moon phase, as well as our bleeding time as menstruating women. It’s a time where the details feels fuzzy, but that’s totally normal. Get comfortable with the fuzz – the lenses will sharpen soon.

In my art, I’m often using water and watercolors. It’s the foundation of most of my paintings. Though, there’s a time where the water must do it’s thing on the paper or canvas. You have to wait. This is the essence of winter — waiting, seeking, trusting, and taking care.

If you’re an artist, play around with watercolors. If you’re a writer – use a calligraphy pen to journal (watery ink). 

Practical life tip: the next time you’re showering, or washing dishes, see the water as a gift. See water as a part of you (we’re like 82% fluid, right?), and trust the water to take away anything you’re shedding.

Winter has become one of my favorite seasons. Our culture doesn’t give us down time. But nature, she does. She’s wiser than the people who try to control her. Listen to the wisdom of this season — it will be unique for you. 

Let this blog and these words be your guide for now. If you’re ready for deeper supporter, contact me about my upcoming 2019 programs. I’m brewing up a few next level opportunities for you. I know you’re ready, as am I.

Thank you for being here. You are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy.

R o s e 

You are worthy: Winter forecast

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