Is creativity magic?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about magic. Perhaps it is because I recently finished reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book on creativity, Big Magic (which I highly recommend).
big magic with art by rose candela
What does magic have to do with creativity, anyways?

According to Gilbert, the big magic occurs in that moment when you uncover and use the jewels of your hidden inner creativity.

In my opinion, creativity doesn’t need magic to happen. Creativity is not magic. Yet, the two sure make a good looking couple.

In my life, creativity looks very simple, at times un-magical. Finding time to pause while I cook or am out on a walk (and my mind is filled with what-ifs) helps me see the world as inherently creative.

Though, I get caught from time to time believing that if only some type of fancy magic happened, then I will have all the creative inspiration I need for my next step in life.

I’m still waiting for THAT type of magic to happen (and I will be forever, probably) but in the mean time I take action and search for my muse.

Creativity happens because you seek it, and are in a routine to find it every day.

Every once and a while, it does feel magical to be in creative flow. That magic comes and goes, much like anything in life.

In other words, sometimes the magic of creativity is big, sometimes it’s not. 

Creativity has it’s seasons. There’s the wild and lush season of creativity where you make your best work in years. There’s the barren and dry season of creativity where if only you could know what is next for you in your life.

Creative magic is a cycle. It’s up to you to accept the unique way that rhythm appears in your life. 

Here is my October assignment to you, dear one. Cuddle up with your favorite sweater and cup of tea. Take some time for yourself, and ask: from where in my most inner being am I hiding my creative voice? What can I do today to find more time to listen to my creative dreams?  

Believe in the magic of life, but don’t wait for an outside magical force to get started. You are ready right now. Know that you are the catalyst of your life’s happenings. Take action today. Seek supportive community. Find your creative niche in this moment and keep exploring your life with great curiosity.

May you always seek creativity, as it is seeking you ~

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Is creativity magic?

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