We all go through it

we all go through it

As cold weather is creeping into the corners of my home, and I am reminded of a few themes at this time of year:

getting cozy, and the delight of gathering indoors with beloveds
cool and frosty mornings with daytime sunshine that feels like the purest gift
burrowing deep into the cave of my soul to discover and hibernate
letting go. lots of letting go. and then, more letting go.

I write this blog to say that there is this tug at our heart strings that happens right now. It seems universal for us in the Northern Hemisphere that the shift is real. What inspired this post this week was yes…the feeling of change, but also seeing and hearing from lots of beloved ones that they are going through a bunch of upheaval.

Even with all excitement that comes with cool weather after a hot summer, it brings in a season in our soul that can be…shocking and not so subtle.

Change is seriously in the air right now.

Here is what I want to exclaim for those of us that are going through the emotions of entering the dark season:

We all go through it

What is it? The tides of life. The calm moments that make time feel effortless. The uncontrollable uncertainty that makes us feel insane. Grasping our true self throughout the waves of life can feel like a lonely journey. I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

Right now, in my life I am going through a lot of change. Life-altering-exciting-unknown-mysterious change. One of the biggest gifts I have given myself is to reach out to my tribe, my family, my husband, and friends that have gone through the same type of change. It’s essential for me to connect; to myself and to my spirit.

I don’t believe we are meant to go through the tides of life alone. Reach out for support, find your tribe, make time for spiritual practices and trust. Trust, trust, trust. 

Find time for self care

I am a self care lover. Why? Because, I need it desperately. I am one that often puts other projects or the future before my present needs. I know that I am not alone in this behavior. Self care can be simple: Take time to nap. Take time to rub your feet after a shower. Before the weather turns too cold, walk barefoot in the grass. Get exercise every day. Put a halt on judging yourself. Create with total messy abandon to the outcome.

Ask yourself: what does my soul need right now, to get me through this transitional time? Wait + listen for the answer to unlock in your soul. 

Seek yourself as your greatest comfort. You are everything you need. 

Return to your rituals

I believe that what grounds us the most are the things we do every day, with routine. And if you read this and recognize that you don’t do the same thing every day, now is the time to find some rituals. A ritual can be as simple as lighting a candle when you sit down to work. Or rituals can be and feel more complex. I often return to my religious rituals to guide me through transitional times. Check out this blog where I wrote about finding rituals that root your spirit. 

Dear one, may you always know you are not alone in any aspect of your life. May you learn to radically love yourself through self care. May you always return to the core of your beautiful and creative being to guide you.

R o s e

We all go through it

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