Is Creativity what you thought it would be?

Dear one,

Is creativity what you thought it would be?
Is creativity showing up in your life in the ways you dreamed of?

Is your creative path full of joy and knowing?

Yesterday, I was on a jog alone (shout-out to mama self care time!) and had this thought reoccurring in my mind:

My creative path is not what I thought it would be.

At first, when I declared I AM an ARTIST, I thought the world would hear.

And she did, but only at the volume I was comfortable at her hearing.

When I decided to own and use my creative talents, I thought I would have a radical transformation full of knowing and a inbox full of new clients.

The next day I woke up the same person with the same fears and unknowns haunting me, and no new clients.

When I arrived at my soul’s purpose of being a mama, I thought I would glow with confidence in my new self.

Instead, I found myself lost in the sea of change; unsure of who I was and full of confusion with my new body.

So, my creative love, where do you stand with your creativity?

Are you dis-enchanted with creativity?

Are you deeply in love with creativity?

Are you wishing that you could slap an photo filter on creativity to make it look different?

creative path

Let me remind you today:

Creativity is the mess that you have to clean up over and over every day.

Creativity is the unpaid bills that you have no idea how to pay.

Creativity is in the frustrating sleepless nights as a new parent.

Creativity is in the scars from birthing a baby from your body.

Creativity is the unknown.

What I know right now, is that the creative path does not look one way. If it did, then it wouldn’t be as enchanting as it is, right?

The creative path is full of trying, tugging at your heart strings, failure, giving up, stretch marks, depression, fear.

Despite all of this, or perhaps because of all of this: you have to show up, EVERY day and give it your all.

My creative path certainly doesn’t look the way I thought it would, but as I reflect, I love this path.

I love the path because it is mine, unique, flawed, and present.

I wouldn’t have my life, my creative path experience, any other way.

To your creative path: may it be full of windy curves, deep pot holes, and exquisite look outs.

R o s e


Is Creativity what you thought it would be?

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