promise: rose candela


This artwork of mine is a dear one to my heart, she’s a little over two years old.

I created this piece by washing a deep blue india ink over raw wood surface. Then, I let the lines and details fill in the rest of the story of the painting.

Promise. What a heavy word. What a beautiful word. A word that, when first said from a beloved’s mouth can mean security, the future, hope.

Promise. What a beautiful concept. What a heavy concept. As we desire in the promise of a new day, another chance, one more experience.

In this promise we can feel our deepest core of being waiting, breathing,  & pulsing.

I titled this piece Promise as a wish, as a reminder, as a statement.

Promise. A belief of the Almighty’s promise of a brighter tomorrow. A recollection of the promises we make to others. A pause to trust ourselves to make our biggest wishes come true.


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