Just wave and say hi

Poison ivy.

I’ve been identifying this plant with my son as we visit our favorite spots in the woods.

Spring brings out so many buried things, the good and the bad.

As I explain what poison ivy is to my son, I notice how negative I am about the plant.

And yes, the rash that can come from poison ivy is a pretty negative to experience.

Yet. And. It’s there. Not planning to hurt us, but it will if we cross it the wrong way.

How does this relate to any of our harmful thoughts – something that only hurts us if we engage it too vigorously?

Lately, I’ve been battling with a negative view of my body.

Though I realize that thinking negatively about my body is no bueno, it’s there.

Rather than fight it, I try to document when I feel this way (in my monthly cycle).

Then, I get curious about what things make me feel a bit differently about my body. Usually movement gets me in a better space about my body. 

Observation is key.

Looking at what’s before us, not getting too involved in why it’s there, is one of the things that spawned me to create my Soul Cycle Sessions work.

I created this framework to guide me through the darkness that happens in life — something I immediately label as “bad”. 

Instead of looking at a emotion as bad, I’m now into calling it by it’s name (anger, jealousy, upset, fear..whatever it is that day), and waiting for it to pass through.

As I tell my almost 2 year old, when he sees poison ivy:

Don’t touch, just wave and say hi to the poison ivy. 

May we always notice the thoughts (and plants) we need to let fallow and be – and wave it through as we see it on our path.

Tell me, what one emotion do you want to wave through today? Let me know in the comments below!

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Just wave and say hi

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