Transformation is painful. Here’s what you can do to get through it.

Transformation is painful. There’s really no way around this pain, though in today’s audio lesson, I give you one way to make the pain a tiny bit easier.

First off, why is transformation painful?

It can be painful because you’re in between places. It can be painful because you don’t want things to change. It can be painful because…you’re human.

One thing I know for sure, you’re not alone.

In the grand vision, there’s always a lot of transformation happening.

Alchemy transforms the earth every second from one state to another. It’s so innate in this planet we don’t even name it, we call it LIFE.

Yet, in order to feel ok in our life, on an interpersonal level, naming the ways we transform is important.

We call it waking, mothering, change, quitting, launching, failing, arriving. 

In this naming the transition, or transformation, we lift the veil that’s getting in the way of our present moment.

Please take a moment to listen to this 8 minute audio lesson on transformation. 

Inside this audio you’ll hear:

My personal story of transformation growth.

The 4 cycles of womanhood that we transition through in our life.

A simple yet profound tool on making the pain of transformation a bit easier.

Listen here:

However you’re transforming, remember you’re not alone.

We are all so gloriously connected because of our feelings, not despite them.

I embrace you,

R o s e 

Also, here’s a link to explain the metamorphosis process a bit more!

Transformation is painful. Here’s what you can do to get through it.

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