Life has been kicking my butt a bit, but this saying gets me through

This summer, I had a few humbling moments where my plans had to shift.

One time was where I was gearing up to launch a membership site for artists. Content was created, launch timeline planned, I was ready. Then, I had a getting real moment:

I don’t have the energy to manage this the way it’ll need to be managed.

So, with a bit of deliberation, I let myself off the hook. I felt a surge of emotions having the set this aside for now: self-doubt, relief, confusion, and sadness.

Last week, I had some free time carved out to restore myself after a few weeks of travel, a sick toddler, and recalibrating parts of my business, and to celebrate an upcoming birthday. In the same breath, hurricane Florence came whooshing through my state. My house became a shelter for beloved family members from the coast. I had to pack up my office work, computer, art supplies — time to reset, again.

Life has been kicking my butt a bit. In the big picture, these life things have been super beautiful. BUT, they still have had me in a place of living from stress, not living from calm.

The tonic for my woes is to remember — this too shall pass.

There’s a reason I come back to this saying, over and over.

This too shall pass is at the heart of cyclical living. And, incase you’re new here: I believe cyclical living is revolutionary.

Cyclical living is recognizing that life is full of phases, instead of destinations. 

Cyclical living is being ok with the darkness, knowing that lightness is also part of every cycle.

Cyclical living is communing with the natural rhythms that govern us all – like our breath, the tides, the moon, the seasons.

Cyclical living is a guide for honoring your mood, not trying to plow through it.

I’m opening up 3 new spots in my Soul Cycle Sessions for the Autumn, where I guide and teach you how to recognize what cycles are occurring in your life. 

Here are the details of our program:

This is a 4 week program.

You will receive:

  • An online assessment that will be discussed during our first call
  • An audio introduction to the 4 Soul Cycles
  • A booklet for you to reference and learn about the Soul Cycles
  • One 75 minute live session (done via skype or telephone)
  • One pre-recorded video lesson on applying the Soul Cycles to your life
  • Access to me throughout the 4 weeks via email (one email exchange per week)

Bonus 1: $100 off if you purchase between now and October 1.
W O W!!!
Bonus 2: Video master class: Why and how to track your cycles (30 minutes) ($49 value)

AND if you complete this month long program, you will be a return client for life. That means you have access to purchase one hour sessions with me as you need them, to get clarity and guidance. 

Ready to sign up? Click this link here.

If you are interested but have some hesitation, please let me know.

How are the last few days of this season treating you?

Embracing you + thank you for being here. 
R o s e

Life has been kicking my butt a bit, but this saying gets me through

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