The invisible woman: Autumn forecast 2018

As Autumn arrives to us in the northern hemisphere, we are embracing the in between time

There’s a bit of anxiety in the air. Can you feel it? If you watch the news, I’m pretty sure there’s a bit of shock that we are collectively feeling.

We are now experiencing an invitation to see how we are invisible, at times. And then, to embrace that side of ourselves — NOT to black it out, but instead accept where we are. 

We are entering the archetype of the invisible woman.

Archetypes exist to teach us about a side of ourselves we may not be able to name.

Who is the invisible woman?

She’s the rage and anger that we mask by saying “I’m fine”.

She’s the post-partum woman who cries to herself in sorrow and joy while holding her new baby.

She’s underground, nourishing all the trees while they appear dormant and dead.

She’s the woman who just miscarried and has to show up to work like nothing happened.

She’s writing a #metoo status over and over again and can’t share, for many reasons.

She is the comfort in our dreams when we’re too afraid of being awake.

She’s the one that picks out your tarot cards.

She’s the w.o.c that gets left behind and ignored by literally every system she experiences.

She’s the blood that heals and cleanses us.

She’s the abused, neglected, and overlooked in our world.

She’s the bones you are gathering to piece yourself back together.

She rises up in order to speak truth and grow from the ashes.

The invisible woman is in us all. She’s the force, our shadow, our ability to return to hard things days after day.

The invisible woman is what lives in us as we die for the winter. 

Personal note: I’ve felt like an invisible woman as a mother. Motherhood’s rewards are a bit invisible, and often not ours to cling to (our children)  

Also, I’ve chosen to go underground, so to speak. I’m finally comfortable there, because I trust I’ll emerge an even more glorious version of myself.

Cyclically living is: not trying to catapult ourselves out of the phase of life we’re in. 

We may be invisible at times, that doesn’t mean we aren’t here. We’re watching. We’re listening. We’re shifting the cells of our dna, minute by minute. And we’re voting, ya’ll.

What to expect this season:


Grief and shadows emerge while we try to gather strength for holiday season, which while joyous most of all, can bring up a lot sorrow in us.

Ask yourself:

What can I release in hopes it will transform into something new?

Your invisible woman emerging.

You may feel a bit dizzy, literally, and like a force you can’t explain is moving you. It may be anxiety. It may be motivation. It may be the need to socialize.

What or who in my life am I ignoring?

Rituals of releasing and purification.

A few ideas if you need help releasing: say some prayers with water near by. Then, toss that water into the earth.

Write your inner child the letter she needs to read from the person she needs to hear it from.

Write on fallen leaves the one or two things or people you are ready to let go of. Then let go of them— while driving or in a stream of water or into the air.

The desire to tidy up your business.

Let your business systems carry you through the season.

Figure out one thing that differentiates you from others and focus your energy there.

Take time to do research on topics you love and are interested in.

Find ways to let go of your art.

Find ways to hibernate your creations: store, sell, or stow your items away.

Embrace oranges, golds, & reds in your color palette, either on the canvas or in your home. Don’t do too much. The energy is waning now. Make sure to see slowing down self care as creative, too.

Dear one, this season is wonky and glorious. The news cycle will have us cringing. Take good care of yourself. Put up boundaries where you need them. Say no to things that exhaust you. Connect with your friends. Get support in the ways you most need it. I’m here for you, formally through my programs and energetically in all I share.

Tell me – what are you expecting from this autumnal season? 

Embracing you –

R o s e

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The invisible woman: Autumn forecast 2018

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