Made to be resilient

As corona virus sweeps through the world, I’ve thought a lot about our ancestors.

Particularly my ancestors, who I know best (just like you know your ancestors best). I wrote this in an instagram post at the beginning of March:

Your ancestors did this. Your lineage of people went through this, this feeling of unknown, of fear of virus or plague in some form. It’s never not been in our cellular dna. I know in my heritage, I can call up stories that were passed down of hard and scary times.

Maybe you’ve heard those stories too or maybe you can just feel…it’s there,

My point here is not to freak anyone out but to say, in some form, we’re made from micro moments over time and time again of this exact feeling. Though, the internet makes everything one gazillion times more intense. So, again — close the laptop. Delete the apps for 24 hours. Stare at a candle or into your children’s eyes. Call back your wisdom.

What a crazy and regenerative time to be here, now. You’ve always been a time keeper. Just look at you.

I know that in my lifetime (whole whopping almost 37 years) that I haven’t had to deal with such a life altering thing such as sheltering in place during a pandemic.

Even though this reminds me of post-partum time, and how I felt stuck then, this is nothing like post-partum time.

That’s privilege to not really feel hindered by the world so greatly, and I realize that on so many levels.

And, as I live life during corona virus, it’s not been a rose colored experience for me.

The past 6 weeks have kinda been the hardest.

Again, my woes are relative.

But, expecting the loss I feel to go away so I can be positive isn’t fair to my process.

Being attached to the drama of this situation isn’t fair to my process, either.

So, what is fair? All I know is that it’s fair to truly be where you are. Like David Kessler says: your pain is the worst pain (no need to compare your suffering, also like Brene Brown says).

Try your best to listen to your needs, and what’s calling to be healed right now. Try not to drag others through the mud as you heal. Try to trust your strength, even when it calls you to be inert. That’s your resilience learning the way.



  1. 1.the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

Though the idea of bouncing back now doesn’t seem possible (for me at least) trust that every cell and ounce of you is made for enduring hard times.

The pain, the joy, the waiting, the time keeping. You’re made of ancient resiliency material. This I know.

Leaning in with you, always.

R o s e

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Made to be resilient

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