They don’t see your insides

On being vulnerable, especially during corona time.

Vulnerability is hard. I can’t imagine a life without it, because the most amazing connections come from it. Yet approaching doing something that makes me vulnerable: eh, some days I’d rather not.

Recently, I was given the honor of giving a master class for Asha Frost’s Sacred membership, and during the q + a and this came up:

how do I approach vulnerability in showing my art?

My answer (in summary):

Courageous (for you) things takes small steps.

By releasing your work, whether it’s your art, your writing, your music, or your thoughts…you’re willing it to transform away from you. You’re trusting that it isn’t yours anymore.

In short, when you share your work you’re telling the world: I’m ok with this becoming someone else’s experience.

It may feel like your insides are out there for everyone to see. Yet, no one is seeing your insides. They are only seeing theirs.

Putting my work into the world, whether it’s in exhibitions or in my instagram studio diaries does put me at risk for being wounded.

Though, the wound that I put on myself by staying hidden — that’s worse to experience and harder to overcome, in my opinion.

I know a few of you feel extra vulnerable during this corona time. It’s a confusing time, it’s a scary time, and it’s a time that we can’t really process because we’re all trying to survive and stay well.

I want to remind you that if you need to pause and not be vulnerable with sharing yourself right now, that’s totally normal. Being human right now feels risky enough, right?

Make sure to care for yourself, your insides, and your spirit above all.

When you’re ready to share, I’ll be here rooting for you — all the way.

R o s e

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They don’t see your insides

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