New Moon Rituals

new moon rituals

New Moon Rituals

I never used to consider the moon. 

I noticed it when it was big and full, and the other times I’d glance up at it and think cool…and carry onward.

Things have certainly shifted, though, and I notice the moon as a great influence in my life.

In the past 10 years, I started to note the subtle gifts the moon contained – in the new moon I usually slept amazing and had vivid, calming dreams. During the full moon, my sleep was more disturbed and my dreams had dreams full of themes of conflict.

After my son was born, I was literally up all night long for several months, and the moon became my muse. 

At the same time, I was extremely disconnected to the moon, or what day it was, or what season it was…really. I certainly was living in a fog.

I certainly was living in a fog. 

As I began to search for ways to accept and love my new life as a mama, I started to research the cycles that influence the very pulse that is life on this earth.

The biggest one that kept coming up was, of course, the moon.

The moon (and the sun) govern so much of daily life. From our food to the tides, our moods to the mysterious…the moon is here to teach us a thing or two about presence.

Today is a new moon, meaning that the moon is conjoined with the sun and is pretty much invisible to the earth.

Thoughts about the new moon:

The new moon is the darkest time of the month. 

In the darkness, our inner voice becomes louder.

In the nothingness, our creative inspiration is born.

In the new moon, we shed what we’ve been holding onto that no longer serves us.

At this time of the month, we learn our inner flame is only bright because of the dark. 

The new moon is tied to your Seeking cycle in your Soul cycle, a time where you are living in the questions and waiting for the answers to become visible. 

Here are a few rituals, or deliberate activities, for welcoming the new moon.

Rituals for the new moon:

Light a candle. This is a simple activity that you can do this evening. In a dark room, light a candle. Look at the glory that is (contained) fire, and remember that the darkness is safe. 

Think of what you want. Questions that tend to come up around this time in our month cycle include a lot of yearning. This yearning can be of the past, for the future, or to capture what is right now. Take a moment and think of what is at the core of this thirst for your life. 

Write down a wish. Take a simple blank sheet of paper and write your wish for your life – perhaps it’s from the think of what you want ritual above. Then, leave this wish on the window sill of your most beloved room. Leave it in the darkness to be transformed into exactly what you need, right now.

Begin a log. About 6 months ago I began writing down the moods, feelings, and experiences I had while noting the day of the moon cycle along with my menstrual cycle. I needed this log as my anchor because my body had totally transformed after being pregnant and giving birth. I started a group on FB that supports women to log and discuss their cycles. It’s been revolutionary, so to speak, to observe what impact the moon has on my life. If you want to, join us by clicking here – it’s totally free, nourishing, and fun. 

Close your eyes. When you close your eyes, you see inward. You trust that everything around you is safe. With your eyes closed, breath in a few deep breaths. This is the wisdom of the new moon. 

Tell me, dear moon lover, how do you feel today on this new moon?


Let me know what new moon ritual you are doing today in the comments below!

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New Moon Rituals

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