Old With the Old, in with the New

I’m really into this time of year.


It’s taken me many years to embrace the sunset at 5pm, the chilly mornings, the frosty windshields….

But, now I see this time as the time of planting seeds. As farmers, we plant seeds deep into the dark soil. We trust that it will take root and grow.

That seed flourishes before our eyes.


The magic of a seed sprouting happens within us and outside of us, all the time.

We are planting seeds of our spirit in our darkest moments.

What story are you planting in your darkness?

What are you gestating while you gestate?

Do you choose love or fear?


My wishes to you this season(and all seasons) is nothing but LOVE. I believe it is a choice.

Short and sweet, I wish you Happy end of the year, Happy Holidays, Happy time-off. and Happy feeling the vibrant current of life.

In choosing to love you,

Old With the Old, in with the New

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