I’m Hanging up my Archive Cap

When I started this year of 2013, I knew it was a year for transformation.capable

I knew that I wanted to grow and become more confident in my talents and abilities.

How? I did not know how.

Yet, I set forth with my intention and carried on my merry way.

During this year, as an Archivist, I helped a major research project come to an end.

The completion of this project feels good to me. I worked diligently where I carry many strengths: historical research, Art, organization, and patience.

But the work also left me drained. Super drained. And as it left me drained, it left me with some serious awakening moments.

I literally would awaken in the middle of the night with stress, terror, fear, seeking, wonder.

Questions (some big, some small) were swimming in my head, like:

What am I doing with my life? 

Did I send that email?  

Is this work going to lead somewhere else?

Am I growing or shrinking with this work?

I felt that my soul was lost in a sea of work that is not my life’s purpose.

I knew, deep deep deep inside, that what I am called to do is make beauty and bring joy into others lives with my Art.

I knew I was the one who had to take action and fulfill my heart’s desire.


I have a strength that has never left my side. This year has shown me my strength is ready to thrive by: Making. Sharing. Creating. Communicating. Loving.

I have tucked away family, friends, and my life in order to work, and at the end of the day that was work that did not serve my highest power.

Time to hang that lifestyle up.


Not only am I hanging that lifestyle up, but I am releasing it as a gift for someone else to transform.

I know this is a dream job for someone else.

rose-large painting

So here, I write my official statement: I am respectfully leaving the Archive work behind.

I love and bless all those I’ve worked with in the field of contemporary Art as an Archivist.

I will hold these 2013 filled lessons in my heart as I move forward on my own.

It’s time for me to not just do, but do with Divine doing.

It’s time for me to work hard at what I know will grow. I’ll make mistakes. I’ll work my buns off. I’ll doubt. I’ll rejoice.

Now, I’ll have passion that wakes me in the middle of the night – not fear.

I trust as I move forward in all there is for me.

I trust that all I have experienced has raised me up into this place of empowerment as I move forward.

How is it going to turn out?

How is not my business (as I sweetly say, that is God’s business to figure out).

I’ve done my part by taking the leap.

As I recently posted on my facebook page:

Leap and you’ll recognize the net is a trampoline.


Time to go play….

(And, I think I’ll take time to cook that healthy, delicious, desire filled meal for my husband and I in the midst of it all.)

What are you ready to hang up as 2013 swooshes out the window?

To your desire-



I’m Hanging up my Archive Cap

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