A Peacock Teapot – how the peacock has taken form in my art

I became obsessed with imagery of the peacock a long time ago.

Actually, I recall it vividly.

A courtyard in the middle of a beautiful villa in Florence, Italy.

peacock teapot

There he stood, this peacock, shining brightly, boldly, and in the face of a lot of other chaos (people).

I adore that memory. That time in my life was transitional ~ I was 17 and heading to my first year of college.

A little over a year ago, I decided to quit a work situation that was not right. I needed strength, brilliance, and beauty to guide me through these waters.

The peacock started to come into my life again.

The peacock represents transformation.

Did you know that the peacock symbolizes discernment, too?

In Hindu mythology, the goddess of creative powers, Saraswati, is tempted by the peacock to be her consort. The wild, unruly masculine mood of the peacock tempts Saraswati. But instead, she chooses to be seen with the steady swan.

Also, the peacock is often shown in imagery of Saraswati for the reminder to follow the steady and reliable path.

In Christianity, the peacock and his feathers represent the death and resurrection of Christ.

The peacock sheds his feathers to make room for the new.

I started to draw the peacock in much of my artwork about a year ago, during my work and life transformation.

peacock art rose candela moore

I created a peacock teapot recently, a piece that was a deep meditation to create.

I have a feeling this will be the first peacock teapot of many.

As always, hand painting on a round surface, like I did with the peacock teapot, can be tricky. But the feathers and form of this painting arrived after a few hours of letting myself play.

Like all other times important times in my life, the peacock has proven himself again to a guide in transformation.

What animal do you often see when you are going through transformation?

If none, during the next transition phase in your life (it could be today, or it could be 5 years from now) pay attention to what animals you see or dream.

As always, you can create what it means for you, just as I have.

To your most creative animal guides,



A Peacock Teapot – how the peacock has taken form in my art

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