Living a Creative Life – My one Simple Step

On how living a creative life is achieved, but is the opposite of all I’ve done…

Go. Hurry. Finish. To-do. Achieve. Be on time. Goals. Plans. Go.

I am writing this blog post yoga class bliss. My friend, teacher, and a delightful influence in my life, Deirdre Smith-Gilmer has created a great community for exploring (unraveling is her word) in what ways we all pattern ourselves.

Today, the discussion in class was about cleaning. But more than cleaning, it was about how there is never just one way to do things.

Maybe there is another way to do everything you’ve done. Actually, the absolutely is another way to do the things you’ve always done.

As I write this, I also sit in a fresh seat of recently slaying any and all of my old work patterns.

I did cut these old patterns, but in the most responsible and loving and fun way possible.

I am a clean slate. I am a blank canvas.

I am living a creative life, filled with all the shock, horror, delight, and excited as in any other time in my life.

My body is shifting, my mind is shifting, and my spirit is shifting.

A re-patterning, so to speak.

I now to do things as they occur to me.

Do my plants need watering? Oh, I’ll do that.

I have a great idea for a new blog (right now). Oh, I’ll do that.

I want to send my bestie a note about how much I appreciate her. Done (insert sound of email notification sending!)

Honestly, this doing things as they occur  is not easy for me. I have thrived and identified myself so deeply with “doing it all” that when I have free time, I fill up that free time with some other project.

This is so real that last week, during my first week of freedom from old work patterns, I got a bit depressed.

I got a bit down in the dumps, not really seeing my purpose since I am not with that job I identified and excelled at for so long.


I don’t know what shifted. I gave myself time, space, and was able to vocalize my odd feelings to my family, husband and close friends.

I believe that living a creative life is all about creating my attitude. So, I slowly shifted that a bit, too.

Part of this shift was finishing up my creativity booklet for my workshop with Jason next week. I was literally writing the information and needing it at the same time.

What is living a creative life really all about?

To me:

Living a creative life is as simple as doing things as they occur.

Living a creative life is presence of mind.

Living a creative life is not valuing my to-do list more than myself.

Living a creative life in one simple step: stop doing so much.

So, now…I have the desire to go garden. I think I will. I will give myself space not to worry, fret, or become disengaged.

I will strengthen my creative life muscles.

I will be living this creative life, one breath at a time.

Won’t you join me?

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Living a Creative Life – My one Simple Step

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