Planning Pregnancy

When the topic of planning pregnancy is approached, it seems like there are a lot of hard and fast tips out there to get you and your body ready for conception.

But what do you do when you know all the things ( ie: stop smoking/drinking, get on a healthy diet track, modify exercise…etc.) but there is still something missing?

But what about preparing yourself for the emotional, more subtle sides of planning to start a family?

I mentor women going through this exact process of planning pregnancy, both through the diet and exercise side AND most importantly, the spiritual and emotional side.

Today, I am giving you a few steps that you can do on your own to dive deeper into your own space for planning pregnancy.

This is your time, your creative energy, your Spiritual and emotional being. Planning pregnancy is a sacred time.

1. Give yourself space every day to be. 
One of the emotions that comes up a lot when planning pregnancy is the thought/fear that your life will change. And while that is so very true, this change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The best way to combat this fear is to stay in the present moment. Take at least 15 minutes a day to just be–perhaps by sitting and looking out the window or taking a walk alone. This present state of mind is a fast track to knowing that change is always present, but you are the same throughout it all. All you can ever control are your reactions to life and your life’s shifts.

2. Forgive freely.
    Forgiveness is not complacency, weakness, or ignorance. Forgiveness is the ultimate liberation of self. Once you forgive a person or a situation for what you feel like was a hurtful or painful act, you free your mind from trying to figure it out. And a simple result from this is forgiveness is space in your heart and mind for something bigger. You feel less stress once you forgive. When planning pregnancy, you need to be stress free and present. Because you are out of control of so much, (as always, and that is a good thing!) forgiveness brings the power back into your own hands.

3. Trust in magic.
Just think for a moment about pregnancy, and the ability we have to bring forth life into this world. One of the things I love about being a birth Doula and a pregnancy coach is that the human body is super scientific and super mysterious–all in one. Trusting in the magic of it all–including the search for clarity, the timing of conception, the planning, the waiting, the birth process, all of this guides you to let go and let the magic occur. You deserve to let the high power take off a load during this process. Trust in magic ~ it is all around you.

These are just a few of the exercises that I give my clients, and I adore seeing their lives transform as they take on planning pregnancy.

Tell me, what do you need to feel as you are planning your pregnancy? Leave me a note in the comments below!

Here’s to you and this magical time in your life,


If you feel like you want to get further into these emotional, spiritual & mental pathways as you do some pre-pregnancy planning, please check out my program by clicking here. You deserve all the support and clarity in the world as you approach this sacred time in your life.

Planning Pregnancy

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