Life, Creativity and the missing links

It’s time for some Creativity Coaching for myself!

I love my life. I was born into an incredible family, I am healthy, and I’m married to the man of my dreams. On top of all of that, I just took this HUGE step to follow my bliss and focus on my Art and coaching business.

creativity coaching But you know what, sometimes I feel so…bleh.

And the bleh factor has increased a bit more lately. (I think this is because I am in a state of transition, much like in childbirth, I am entering into a new phase and transition is the hardest part!)

So what gives?

The missing link of creativity, is trust. The missing link is faith.

Trust and faith are the opposite of knowing everything. It’s also the opposite of knowing nothing. This place that faith and trust live is a void space. It is a gracious space. It is a space where your dreams can flourish with freedom in faith.

The #1 thing that ties together my theme of creativity coaching is giving your doubt to the higher power.

I realize this idea is not for everyone. I’m talking about your relationship to God, to Spirit, to something bigger than yourself–and this idea can freak us all out a little bit.

I realize that this idea of faith and trust is also radical. But this idea, the idea of trust, is a huge step in my creativity and I teach it in my creativity coaching as a really important lesson.

In my school of yoga training, this idea is also called open to grace. It is one of the first and most basic principals before any movement or attempt to do anything.

Before any action, open to grace.

As you open to grace-have faith & trust.

Dear reader, I’m not asking you to feel anything else but freedom as you trust.

I constantly need this reminder. I often am giving myself my very own creativity coaching lessons throughout my day, because I need this trusting element so much.

So tell me, how do you see trust teaching you about your life, about your creativity? Tell me in the comments below!

To the missing link that ties us all together,






Do you want to find out more about how the principals of faith, and trust can help your creativity? Contact me today to find out more about my creativity coaching offerings. Remember: you can create beauty every day!!!

Life, Creativity and the missing links

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