Pre-Pregnancy Planning: How will I know?

Pre-Pregnancy Planning

For many of life’s changing stages, the change just happens to us. For instance, we turn 21–a milestone age in American culture, just by the natural process of aging.

Granted, free will is a large part of all our milestones, but there are some that do just happen to us.

But to decide to be pregnant, to start a family, to take the next step in your life path is our choice. This milestone is one we take, hopefully, consciously and with preparedness. I do believe there is a large part of Spirit within the planning process. There is always that mystery, magic, and unknown in life’s big choices.

Mostly what I hear from my pre-pregnancy clients is this need for clarity. Question that arise from my coaching sessions are often: how will I know when it is the right time to start a family? How do I know if it’s just my biological clock (hormones) ticking or it’s actually time to start a family with my beloved?

Here are 3 tips to get you closer to answering this question. Most of all, and what I want you to know, is the answer lies within you. These listed practices, if done with devotion and seriously, will bring you to a new sense of knowing in your pregnancy planning.

1. Cultivate a silence practice

How will you ever know whether your choices are yours if you don’t stop the over-thinking? Create and cultivate a practice of being silent. Meditation is great for this ~ and it is a practice that has to have commitment tied to it. I have had a meditation practice for the last 5 years, and I will say that it is not fun sometimes. And some days I just think all I’m doing is sitting there. But that is the point, I’m sitting, I’m quiet, and my mind is off.

The truth is silent. You will start to hear your truth once you silence the chatter inside of what you should be doing or what you want to do to please others.

pregnancy planning

2. Ask yourself: Who am I listening to? 

Furthermore, who are you listening to in your decision making process: is it your family who keeps asking when you’ll get pregnant? Is it your fear that you’ll be alone forever unless you have a child?

When you ask yourself the question who am I listening to perhaps an image comes forward. Take time to look at who you feel like you are listening to in your life decisions. If you have trouble deciding whose voice it is at any given time (sans mental illness issues!) you may not be following your own inner guidance.  And to start a family, you really want to follow your own guidance about when to start a family. You will take this skill into the labor and delivery part of having a child, as well as your own parenting.

3. Choose love over fear

Choosing love over fear for your reactions, decisions, and life path is truly a spirit path. It’s a spirit path not because it’s a one answer fits all type deal. It’s a spirit path because it takes so much practice and dedication.

How do you choose love over fear in your pregnancy planning, or in any type of hard decision planning? Have a relationship with each of these feelings.  Awareness is the first step.

Try to think of times when you have felt love as the basis of your decision. Like when you choose green salsa over red because you love the taste of tomatillos. It can be that simple. Now think of a time when you didn’t eat refried beans because you were fearful of the calories. That probably was something that you wrestled with, felt unhappy about, and probably then beat yourself up about later.

To have sensitivity to your patterns of choice making, you will start to be aware of why you are making the choices that you are. Is it because you love the salsa or is it because you fear the calories? This salsa example a fun, yet so multilayered example that will, over time, start to play a role in your life.

Always choose love. Always know that love is an option.

May these pregnancy planning tips get your spirit, soul, and body more in alignment with the answers to your deepest questions. Keep searching, seeking, and enjoy the path along the way.





Now you: are you planning pregnancy or to be a mother soon? Are you facing a life shift and need clarity on your deepest questions? I can help guide and assist you as you investigate further. Check out my pre-pregnancy coaching programs here, and schedule a free call to start your sacred path into a life shift.


Pre-Pregnancy Planning: How will I know?

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