She’s so full of herself

Recently, I learned from someone I don’t know irl. I’ve never met her, but her insta comes into my explore feed a lot. This what I thought once when I read her photo caption: she’s so full of herself.

Then I stopped myself to say:

What’s wrong with being full of yourself?

Y’all I’m a work in progress. I’m not always kind to myself and therefore I ponder about Instagram profiles and wonder what “she” has that I don’t. 

Answer: that other person has herself.

And I have myself.

We can only be filled with who we are. We can’t, no matter how hard we try to match that other person, fill ourself with other people’s lives. It never really works out great when we do so, on many many levels.

Be full of yourself. You’re all you’ve got and, dare I say, you’re stunning.

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She’s so full of herself

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