I overheard my husband say this

Recently at a gathering, I overheard my husband telling someone: she does everything for our son.

He was talking about me, and though I didn’t hear all of the tale, I knew it was a song of praise.

A lot of people talk about transparency, and this is mine: I have a great partnership (I mean, it’s a lot of work but it’s really great, too). One of us works on business a whole lot, one of us works on raising a human a whole lot. 

And we’re totally ok with it (because we’re doing equal amounts for our family, just in totally different areas of life).

We decided for things to be this way.

I feel strange to say this, because I hear/read a lot about equal partnership or it’s feminist to be a working mom, etc. 

I’m coming in here to say that however you have your life set up, as long as you and your partner are in discussion about it — it’s beautiful. 

Your life structure is worthy of being discussed. It’s also worthy of being re-evaluated if something feels off. 

Here’s the thing. I get lost and feel like I’m floating in space when I start to think of my worth as a mama. Culturally, worth is tied to money exchange.

So, those of us whose work is unpaid (like a primary caregiver) have to find worth from inside.

No amount of equal partnership is going to help me remember my worth. Because, ya’ll, finding worth is an inside job (shout out to my dear friend Birdy Jones + Mr. Cool for that line).

And it’s not easy to work on finding worth, but, dare I say: it’s worth it.

Check this video out (15 minutes) where I reveal the 3 p’s of my worthiness protocol — a tool to get you back to your center and truth.

If you ever get caught in feelings of anxiety about purpose, or feel lost in the mundane of your life: this is for you. It’s something I offered to my private (and no cost) group Mothers Making Time, but I think no matter how you identify yourself, this will serve you.

3 Ps of worthiness:


Am I here, or wishing I am somewhere else? How can I focus on my breath to bring myself back to this moment?


How fast or slow am I going?  How am I noticing what’s going in the seasons, in the world, and in others around me? How am I sleeping? How am I working with or against what’s going on in my environment?


How far have I come? How can I see my work right now as valuable? How can I see that my love, care, and openness is shifting the world?

Interested in joining my no-cost group for mamas who are making time for what matters, and finding worth no matter what? Click here to get access.

I overheard my husband say this

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    1. You’re amazing too, my love. We love Mr. Cool like whoa over here.

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