Why is it so hard to be a beginner?

As a mama, I have the most unique privilege to witness my son’s firsts. Witnessing a tiny human learn to be in his body from crawling to standing to walking and now running almost as fast as his parents – it’s nothing short of remarkable. Now, I get to witness the first processing of ideas[…]

Made to be resilient

As corona virus sweeps through the world, I’ve thought a lot about our ancestors. Particularly my ancestors, who I know best (just like you know your ancestors best). I wrote this in an instagram post at the beginning of March: Your ancestors did this. Your lineage of people went through this, this feeling of unknown,[…]

I cried in the grocery store parking lot

and found my strength again… Yesterday, I sat in the grocery store parking lot and cried. I cried because of exhaustion, I cried because everything felt so heavy, I cried because I really didn’t know how to go forward. I felt conflict upon conflict internally, and it was weighing me down. I teach acceptance that[…]

The secret message about your icky feelings

Icky feelings…feelings of anxiety, despair, confusion, unknowing…they happen. The icky emotions happen even if we are living the perfect formula for feeling good and right all the time. Why do the icky emotions occur? Because… You are human. You feel the range of emotions because it’s simply part of life. There’s nothing wrong with you when[…]

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