The secret message about your icky feelings

Icky feelings…feelings of anxiety, despair, confusion, unknowing…they happen.

The icky emotions happen even if we are living the perfect formula for feeling good and right all the time.

Why do the icky emotions occur?

You are human. You feel the range of emotions because it’s simply part of life.

There’s nothing wrong with you when you feel all the feels.

I believe purpose in life is to grow, and become more of who you are.

Your icky feelings help to guide you through and towards this personal growth.

One of your greatest creative acts is to live fully, and ask the questions that prompt self growth.

What are you waiting for?

In today’s creative soul reflection, I dive into the secret message about your icky feelings.

Take a listen via the link below:

Reflective bits you will gain from tuning in:

Your icky emotions are an invitation to pause and question the direction you are going.

Your ability to choose a new path is one of your greatest strengths. Own it, live it, and learn from it all.

Faith is not the opposite of trust. Instead, it’s a pillow and blanket that comforts you through the unknown.

Lessening the grip of our repeated story allows for us to be free.

[Tweet “There’s a lot out of control in your life. But it’s not out of reason for being in your life.”]

As always, I hope you enjoy this creative soul reflection today.

May you feel inspired and revived to a know new sense of yourself. 

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The secret message about your icky feelings

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